Freezer magazine was the product.

1995>2000. 5 years. 27 free issues. Freezer magazine came as a striking lightning over a stagnant industry. It created its own distribution. The player voice showing what’s up in the streets and parties. Soon low-fidelity news-stand media were left with very few readers.

Freezer free-press model was supported.

In 2005 there was still no magazine with a significant advertiser list like Freezer’s one: Nike, Swatch, Sprite, Benetton, Diesel, Burton, Quiksilver, Billabong, Freshjive, Carhartt, Arnette, O’Neil, Mambo, Oakley, Luxottica, V2 records, Polygram, Cat, 55dsl, Etnies, Gravis, Dickies, L’Oreal, Melting Pot, Fornarina, Bastard…

Freezer was the lab.

Freezer was really a lab designed to foster improvisation and to break schemes. At Freezer we enjoyed to push limits. More than 80 youngsters shared this joy, during this 5 years workshop. Regular ones had cash and goods in return. We focused on what we didn’t want, and grew from there. Few core ideas about communication primitives, and constant celebration of change. Shortly, 30% among subscribers were colleagues, communication industry people, keeping themselves updated with the edgy stuff. And we knew it. ‘Cos we asked!

Freezer was fun.

As our video “Picture 95” shows. Filming all over the Alps, well… mostly on the south side, for a whole year, we showed everybody what snowboarding was about in Italy in 1995. We where probably the first to do that kinda stuff here. Got some clips on YouTube. Just google: youtube freezer magazine


Here you find some selected pieces that quite represent the spirit, the attitudes, the lingo, the way, the subjects, the rhythms and the spectrum of Freezer magazine. Some are in english, mostly in Italian, exactly as we run them then, in the printed version. Check the tags … Enjoy!